Master Key : continuation !

Hi everyone on the Planet !

Yes I have decided to be a lifetime member and to continue the mental work !

These past two weeks I have focused on being on service while doing my psychotherapist sessions with my clients. I noticed that I was not in this posture, sometimes with some of my parts occupied thinking about something else, or another thinking « phew, one more and then my work day will finish ». I was not totally aware of that, but on the last webby Mark pointed it out again and this time I realized.

So now, I take a deep breath before each session, I position my attention in my heart in this intention of being in service completely and during all the session for the client in front of me. I noticed it calmed myself ! And the work is better.

I use a technic now that forces me to stay tuned with what my nervous system is feeling, is perceiving, so now I can do it easier. Effortlessly ! :-)) Happy to do so for my clients and for me !

And a few days since I read « The Gal in the glass » at night, and for the first time this Gal was not pleased about myself. I have resumed with the bad habit of smoking, since the middle of February… I did it truly consciously, saying to myself « OK, too much tensions inside with the decision of divorce and all that it will imply, added to my works in progress, OK, let’s go buy cigarettes ». I gave myself permission to do so, but now, the Gal in the glass is saying to me something like « You know it is not good for your health, don’t you ? You have goals for a better health, taking care of your body, so ? ».

I have heard her. Yes I should quit that, but… still so much things to manage. The point is  I was really surprised of this look in the eyes, and this first time of little sadness in them. I didn’t have any difficulty to see this Gal in the glass before this day ! How astonishing !

I enjoy blogging now and stay in contact with my Master Key friends ! Blessings to you all  and Happy Easter.


Week 24 : Time.

Hi everyone from all over the Planet!

Here we are, the last week of the 2017 Master Key course class! As many of my fellow members, we agree that it is not the end, it is a pursuit for a lifetime. Working on me, my beliefs and limitations, my emotional burdens has become a habit; it was there already as a psychologist during all the trainings I am taking all years long; it was there also because I am here, in this lifetime, to CLEAN everything I can, on every plan, it is an evidence for me since years now; it is one of my life mission; but undoubtedly, it has been reinforced by the MKE!

Reinforced and completed by this fantastic course: cleaning my burdens with my psychologist elegant and rapid technics, in preference, stay focus in this cleaning with all my soul, but building my vision, access to a divine dimension of my power, and applying the beautiful and universal spiritual laws with the MKE. That is what I am going to continue from today.

As a proof of this work on myself that is still going on: my relationship with time is the latest “problem” I have found while sitting this week. Another opportunity to breath in, to listen, understand, let go, replace.

I wanted to develop my MLM business in the beginning of January, but I didn’t. I had some projects to develop my psychologist job activity, because it did not bring me enough money, and I wanted – still do – this activity to “run by itself”. I have moved forward on these projects, but they are not finished today! Nearly three months delay… For me it is something. For some of my friends, it’s nothing. The truth is I have always been impatient. These pasts months I had to face several flu / bronchitis etc. episodes, my body was telling me something, then between the 15th of January and the 29th of the same month, I decided to divorce. I have recovered some good energy since that day, and it is like I grew more impatient to achieve my bigger goals! But I stick with the first goal linked to my psychologist job, because, as Haanel says, if we don’t achieve what we have decided to achieve, “it is failure, absolute and ignominious failure”.

I know I have something to understand here, some new lesson to learn. Using impatience to build patience for example! Use it to grow. Use time as an ally, not an enemy. Ouh… very big lesson for me here!

And here I am! Continuing THE work, the only work worth doing in fact!

Thank you Mark and Davene ! And Justin my Guide, and all my MKMMA friends !


Week 23 : the Master Key course, a fantastic journey of awakening !

Hi everyone from all the Planet !

Two or three weeks ago, I couldn’t see how perfect was the Master Key course, how every knowledge and exercises where so rightly organized as to let us make progress in the easiest way possible, knowing that working the way we did is great – and somehow hard – work anyway. I realized I was seing with the MKE glasses when I accompany people, whether they have a DMP, identified their PPN’s, having mastermind partners around them… I realize I am teaching that to them for a while! I talk about the 7 laws of the mind, I insist on kindness…

The law of least effort is another great gift of this perfect course!! Acceptance, responsibility, defenselessness, wow!

Anger have lessen in my life but is still here. I can notice it faster and replace it with a positive thought, or this beautiful mantra “I am whole, perfect, strong powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. I haven’t succeed yet to do the mental diet, and I have scheduled to do my silent retreat after the end of the course, in the beginning of April, and it will be one the gift for my birthday!

In this matter, my progress has been HUGE, as my anger was huge… This is a real life changing for me.

My journey towards awakening is still going on, and will last until the day I die ! I know all those exercises, those reflections and tools are with me forever now, that I can use them when needed.

I thank all my fellows MKE for their presence, their shares on their blogs or mine, on the MMA, and I feel linked to all our community! I know I will continue blogging to stay in touch with this wonderful community to make it grow more and more!

I look forward to hear / experience the surprises of the last two webinars of this Master Key course session! See you there friends !

Week 22 a: let go fears and meeting my Divine father

Hi everyone from all the Planet !

There had been a lot of events and AHA moments this week, personal and external. I had some difficulties to write my post and choose what I wanted to share. So here I go!

This week I have faced some profound fears, I’m glad I had. I couldn’t do my silent retreat this week-end, since the elder daughter of my ex-husband has come to visit us. But I do go listening inside me, from time to time, and the events came to permit me to experience those fears, I thank the perfectness of the Universe for that, because it is what I want to clean / clear from my heart and spirit.

A part of me, totally afraid, needed the presence of my father; I think it has to do with the law of substitution and let love come to me. One phrase of Og Mandino had impacted me very much. I think it goes like this (I have his book in French): “I am nature greatest miracle. I have been made by love, and I am here to fulfill a precise goal.” So, I imagined, since I am not in relationship with my father anymore, that I could access to his Divine Soul of father, and what will be the words he would then say to me. It changes completely my perception, and this part of me was totally relieved! I could say, cured!

Of course, he would say:

“You are beautiful my daughter, I love you, go for your dreams, unfold your wings, realize all your potentials, I am rooting for you, I support you endlessly.

I know you are a powerful, fantastic, awesome person; when you will be discouraged, I will be here to remind you of your greatness, and invite you to go on. You have so much to give, the world needs your brightness.”

Thank you Papa! You are in my heart now…

I have also finished to see all my friends and tell my brother about my coming divorce; it was important for me to take time to explain, and meeting each friend one by one. I am so grateful for their presence! All my friends said to me they were here for me, that I could call for their help if I needed it, that we would invite each other soon, etc.

No judgements came from them, even from my brother, though I dreaded some from him! Ah, fears… Really, I experienced once again that they are not worth it!

Even the elder daughter of my ex-husband gave me an unexpected gift: she says she appreciated the link I have created with her and her sister. There are not at all angry with me to have taken my decision, they perfectly understand it! Wow it touched my heart so much!

I realize that yes I am truly loved, and in that case no fear is needed…

Wishing you to feel the same !!

Week 22 : silence and friends

Hi everyone from all over the Planet,

today I planned to do my silent retreat, but this past night a good friend of mine lost her mother, in horrid circumstances. My friend had moved in another part of France a few months ago with her family, and I was with another friend when we heard the news of her mother going to the hospital, and her state of health was going speedily bad.

At one o’clock our friend announced that her mother had passed away ! A shock for everybody. I will probably travel this week-end or next week to see her, we are waiting for news. The hospital said there had been a malpractice in the clinic where her mother was first admitted. So maybe they will practice an autopsy…

I know however how to do : stay calm and concentrate on my open heart to help them from here and then with them. Stay in my center. Be here, in the deep of myself, to welcome the anger, the sadness and the sentiment of being lost that are already arising from themselves.

Stay with my DMP, Og and Haanel, gratitudes and you guys ! And turn myself to others friends – especially one – to help me in this moment. The presence of friends is priceless and so precious. THANK YOU !

Reading the other posts drive me more to do this silent retreat, that I know I need. I listen to me more since the last webby, but it is not the same.

I wish you every happiness, love and health !

Week 21: Going too fast, avoiding true contact with myself.

Hello to you from all The Planet,

I had a strange week: Wednesday was a horrid day, I was paying all the bad nights of the two last weeks and the restlessness of some of my inner parts. Strong headache, lasting… And I had a psychologist session with a boy of 8 years old really really tough… I had never lived such one. I end this day distressed.

With the divorce approaching, I was in contact with several sorts of emotions. But since I have made my decision, I am in another bereavement curve. And, the parts that help to take my decision were going alone in a sort of headlong rush forward. Always in the future, anticipating, wanting everything to be finished without having started. So impatient! STOP IT !

I warmly thank my two mastermind partners, who pointed out the state where I was. They were both astonished with the speed with which I wanted to go in my life. Anyway, I have always been impatient… I think and plan fast, that’s OK, but I forget to live in the present :-))


So, the sit is the key. I have always some difficulties to do it, I feel inside me some fears and pains that need to be cured. I have the resources to do so, inside and outside, I am in front of a choice now, and I know which one I want to make.

Stop avoiding myself, digging inside instead, until there will be only Light / Love, and clean, clean, clean whatever may have to be cleaned. Face the dark with all my courage and love. Stop raging like a mad dragon. Fold his wings for a while. Listening. Go find the beauty inside. Truly LET GO and BE CONFIDENT! The Universe is here, stop fighting, in every sphere of my life.


I understand why rewriting my DMP is finally difficult; I am brought to redefine most of my goals. Or at least, the way to achieve them.

By the way, I had my first webcast of the GO90GROW course, wow, incredible! I was already confident to succeed in my MLM company, now it’s done in my mind ;-)) If you have not reached the course and you are involved in a MLM company, truly go for it!


I take courage in this beautiful poem that you probably know :


William Ernest Henley, 1875.

Above the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.


In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.


Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Honor of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.


It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate :

I am the captain of my soul.


This is a key moment of my life! I hold my breath, just before going in. See you at the other side!




Magic week 20 <3 <3 <3

Hello to you from all the Planet, 

This week has been magic to me : so much encounters, so much things that resolve themselves, so much fluid conversations… Sometimes I felt like flying ! 

Being kind, give compliment, prayers, receiving, new precious friends coming in to my life, old friends re-coming into it, everything easy….

I feel like it is paradise on Earth. 

I am so feeling that I am in the flow, like floating in a smooth stream. 

I want that feeling for ever in my life ! Accepting, just let myself be carried along, be patient, be open, let go fear…

Trust in me, in the rightness of the world and spiritual laws, in every human being ! 

Nature that begins to wake up, sun and blue sky, friend offering presence and love, smiles everywhere ! 

My heart bursts of gratitude and love ! I am powerful beyond measure ! 


I offer all of this to anyone who needs it. With Joy !